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Interactive devices


Interactive devices

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In-home displays and web portals make the real-time data captured by smart meters readily available to households and businesses, empowering consumers with the information they need to better manage their electricity bills.

Until now, our power bills have usually been sent quarterly, and often estimated. This has largely been the only way for households and small businesses to find out about their actual power consumption.

With bills typically only showing consumers total electricity consumption over a long period of time, retrospectively, it has been difficult for households to plan and manage their electricity usage.

By coupling smart meters with new interactive services, consumers will finally be able to access accurate, real-time details about their power consumption.

With this data at their fingertips, householders will be able to more easily identify the effectiveness of energy saving measures, or the impact of particular appliances on their bills.

In-home displays show electricity usage in near real-time, helping consumers to take charge of their energy consumption. Web portals will make usage information available the next day, sent directly from your electricity distributor or retailer.

These devices help reduce the issues that often arise from the lack of day-to-day visibility of power usage, particularly if things change, like moving to a new home or making the purchase of an energy-intensive product. With access to accurate and more detailed information, consumers will be able to see exactly how much extra electricity the heating in a new property will use, or how much extra energy a new television is using - rather than finding themselves with an enormous bill three months after the fact.