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Smart Meter web portals launch

27 June 2012

Web portals

Electricity companies Origin Energy, Jemena and SP AusNet have launched Smart Meter compatible web portals, and United Energy are currently trialing a portal.

Web portals help households and businesses better understand their electricity usage by providing energy consumption data. This means that households, through a Smart Meter, can access their energy use information online and track energy consumption.

The following retail and distribution businesses have active web portals.

Origin Energy

'Origin Smart' is a free web portal available to Origin Energy customers who have an active Smart Meter installed.

'Origin Smart' is an online program that gives customers visibility of how much power their household is using on a daily basis. The web portal also provides projected costs based on current energy consumption, and allows customers to set usage goals and monitor their household's progress.

Origin Smart allows you to:

  • See when your energy is being used
  • Project your usage and costs based on your current usage
  • Customise it to your household
  • Set cost and CO2 savings goals
  • Compare your energy use to other households
  • Get expert energy efficiency advice

To sign up and see if it's available in your home, visit


Jemena's 'Electricity Outlook' web portal is available to all Jemena customers with an operating Smart Meter.

'Electricity Outlook' displays a customer's electricity data online and includes features such as a home energy assessment tool, which enables households and small businesses to monitor their electricity consumption.

The portal has been trialled by Jemena employees, contractors and retailers as well as consumer groups, State Government and industry representatives.

For more information on the 'Electricity Outlook' visit or contact Jemena on 1300 131 871.

Jemena's distribution area covers north-western Melbourne.

United Energy

United Energy is currently looking for up to 5,000 customers who live or work within its distribution area to participate in a free trial of its new web portal, 'Energy Easy'.

'Energy Easy' can be accessed via a computer, smart phone or tablet by customers within United Energy's region who have a Smart Meter installed.

'Energy Easy' allows United Energy customers to track their daily, weekly and seasonal electricity usage − helping customers to understand their electricity consumption patterns, set consumption targets and access electricity saving tips.

To learn more or to register for the 'Energy Easy' trial, customers should follow the link on the United Energy website or email

United Energy's distribution area covers east and south east Melbourne, and the Mornington Peninsula.



If you are unsure of your distribution company, visit the 'Electricity Distributors' page to find out if the Jemena or United Energy trial is being held in your area.