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Electrical safety update

04 April 2012

There have been a number of recent media reports of Smart Meters "exploding". The distributor concerned, Jemena, has advised that independent testing has shown that 29 Smart Meter failures have been the result of deliberate interference. Police have been called in to investigate.

Contrary to media reports, these Smart Meter failures did not cause house fires and emergency services were not called to respond to any of these incidents. The meters did not explode but failed safely, as they were designed to do.

According to Energy Safe Victoria there is no evidence to say smart meters are in any way unsafe to residents or electrical workers.

Jemena Managing Director Paul Adams re-iterated that the same meters were installed across Victoria, and were safe. Mr Adams said that he was extremely disappointed that the public had been unnecessarily alarmed.

Last month, Jemena held a customer consultation forum to answer questions about the safety of the Smart Meter and reiterated its full confidence in the safety and quality of its Smart Meters and the future benefits of the program. Around 30 community members attended the event.