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Smart meter eUpdate – Issue 9

August 2014

Smart meter rollout

Victoria’s rollout of smart meters, which commenced in 2009, is now effectively complete with more than 2.8 million installed across the state.

These homes and businesses now have access to more detailed information about their power use and the ability to switch to flexible pricing options, which may help some households save money.

Smart meters are now, and will continue to be, the standard meters in Victoria.

Under new regulations made by the Victorian Government, if an electricity distributor has not attempted to install a smart meter in a Victorian home or small business by 30 June 2014, the customer at that premise will be entitled to a rebate (provided the customer has not refused the installation of a smart meter).

For more information about the rebate, and the conditions under which a rebate is payable, please visit the smart meter website.

For the small number of customers who continue to refuse a smart meter at a premise, from March 2015 electricity distributors will be able to recover from those customers costs associated with running a separate metering service.

Under the Victorian Government’s new regulations, the costs associated with the manual meter reading of ‘old style’ meters may be recovered separately by a distributor through a manual meter fee.

For more information about the manual meter fee, please visit the smart meter website.