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Smart Meters eUpdate - Issue 3

Take charge of your power bill

6th August 2012

Switch On

The Victorian Government has launched Switch On, a new information campaign designed to help households take charge of their power bills.

The Switch On campaign was developed to provide better support on managing rising energy bills and cost of living pressures, by offering information and tips on how households can be more energy efficient. This includes information about how Smart Meter-related services can help monitor energy usage and save money on bills.

As a part of the campaign, a new Switch On website has been launched. Visit the website to:

  • compare offers from electricity companies
  • understand how your energy use compares to similar households
  • determine which appliances contribute most to bills
  • learn how to take advantage of energy efficiency subsidies through the Victorian Government’s Energy Saver Incentive Scheme
  • find out more about solar power
  • learn about Smart Meter web portals
  • discover more about the energy sector to better understand price rises.

For more information on how you can make your home more energy efficient, visit or call 136 186 to receive a ‘how to’ booklet.

Program updates


Smart Meters are continuing to be installed across Victoria. To date, half of the state’s households now have a new Smart Meter installed.

If a Smart Meter has been installed at your residence, you can find out if you are eligible to gain web portal access or join a trial.

Chief Health Officers’ Statement

At its March 2012 meeting, the Victorian Ministerial Radiation Advisory Committee reiterated its position on Smart Meter radiofrequency radiation.

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer has endorsed the advice of the Committee that, “there is no substantive evidence to suggest that exposure to radiofrequency radiation such as from Smart Meters can increase the risk of chronic health effects, such as cancer”.

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer has also endorsed the advice of the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency that “the overall exposure from Smart Meters is very low and well below exposure limits, even when a number of devices are communicating simultaneously”.

Further information is available on the Chief Health Officer’s website.